Description Part # Price
Ventilated match handguard. Side vents narrow at the bottom to be more comfortable in the hand. Slotted for a handstop and rotates around the barrel to enable the handstop to be canted under the rifle. AR-HG 90.00
Same as above, but 4" longer. AR-HGL 100.00
Ventilated with the same pattern as the "TAWS" handguards, but mounts the same, with the canting ability and handstop slot as the matching handguards. AR-HGV 115.00
Same as above, but 4" longer. AR-HGVL 125.00
Adjustable Gas Block has a "bleed-off" valve to help slow action cycling and reduce residual barrel pressure available in .750", .812", and .937". AR-AGB 85.00
All parts are quoted for standard black color, any parts that are (Specify color for all handguards, see color chart for available colors)


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