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Medesha FireArms has been very busy redesigning some of the current products, while designing some great new products. We are proud of our new designs and hope that you will find them to be one of the products that helps make your next shot more accurate as well as convenient to use.

After many years in the business, we have listened to the many comments, and complaints about the good and bad of different products out in the world that shooters use today. We asked ourselves what makes shooters happy, what makes shooters more accurate, and what would make these products they use more convenient.  

With years of experience as a shooter, and years of dealing with some great and not so great products, we have come up with some changes to our current styles and created some new styles, we seem to always be looking to better most products to what you as shooters are looking for. 

We hope that you enjoy our new products as well as our current ones that have been around since the start of Medesha FireArms.



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