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The T.A.W.S. line of handguards provide a rigid mounting platform for lasers, high intensity lights, bipods, slings, forward grips, and ever night vision or sighting systems. The basic system starts with an aircraft aluminum tube, threaded to a replacement barrel nut. The 1/8” wall tube has been machined with a Swiss cheese hole pattern, to reduce weight and a series of slots to allow the flexible mounting of the lasers, lights and more. When these are installed on an AR’s upper, you have a totally free-floating barrel for maximum accuracy.

A full-length Weaver rail can then be added. This provides a solid, one-piece sight mounting surface from the charging handle to the front of the handguard. Optics can be mounted in tandem with night vision; with fold down metallic sights, or most anything you can think of. True flexibility on a rigid platform.

TAWS AR15 Handguards

Machined from 1/8” wall 6061-T6 aluminum. A 3/8” slot is milled in the bottom on each tube, for mounting handstop, bipod or vertical grip. Mounting holes for Q-D swivels are placed around the front and rear to allow ‘Giles Sling’ or any other sling to be installed. Anodized black. A replacement barrel nut is included.

Description Part # Price
AR15 Ventilated Handguard w/ rail slot TAWS-B15 150.00
AR15 Ventilated Handguard with front sight window, rail & light slots TAWS-B15LW 175.00
AR15 Carbine Length, Ventilated Handguard w/ rail & light slots. (Short carbine version of style B)  TAWS-C15 150.00
Light mounting bracket for TAWS handguards. Use any Weaver style ring. TAWS-LITE 35.00

T.A.W.S. Vertical Grip

Description Part # Price
Vertical grip that mounts in the slot on the bottom of the handguard. Aids in controlling the muzzle and pressure switch on Sure-Fire lights TAWS-VGAR 35.00

T.A.W.S. Ultra System

This is the complete system. It consists of the standard T.A.W.S. handguard,  that is then tied to the upper receiver by a full length Weaver rail. This rail either covers the original flattop or creates a new one and extends to the front of the handguard, it also contains flip up metallic sights. Now its ready for most any sighting system you want.

T.A.W.S. AR-10 & SR-25

These are made to directly replace the round composite handguards that come on the factory AR-10 and SR-25’s. They are machined from 1/8” wall 6061-T-6 aluminum tubing. A 3/8” slot is milled in the bottom for a handstop, vertical grip and a bipod. They offer the same features as the AR-15 models.
Description Part # Price

AR10/SR25 Solid Handguard with rail slot

TAWS-A10 120.00
AR10/SR25 Solid Handguard with rail & light slots TAWS-A10L 150.00
AR10/SR25 Ventilated Handguard with rail slot TAWS-B10 170.00
AR10/SR25 Ventilated Handguard with rail & Light Slots TAWS-B10L 190.00
TAWS AR10 carbine length ventilated handguard TAWS-C10 170.00

T.A.W.S AR-15 Upper Assemblies
These are put together with the same parts that are used on the match uppers. Sight bases not included, the barrels are shorter, the upper hasn’t been modified and TAWS handguards are used. The Sure-Fire light and removable handles are not included. They do include the vertical grip, light mount, and 3 swivel studs.
Description Part # Price

20” rifle with or without front sight         

16” carbine as above                              TAWS-UPC Ask


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