Flip-Up Cheekpiece

Description Part # Price

Adjustable buttstock for AR15/AR10 & SR25 type rifles with the NEW FLIP-UP CHEEKPIECE. This new design allows the cheekpiece to FLIP-UP out of the way, so that a slightly modified charging can be used WITHOUT CHANGING THE UPPER RECEIVER.

(All other features of the stock are the same as the AR-BS, see buttstock for more information.)

AR-BSF 395.00



Adjustable Cheekpiece

Description Part # Price
Adjustable cheekpiece that clamps around standard buffer tube. Adjusts up/down and sideways

(requires modifying your upper, see upper receiver assemblies for more information)

AR-CP 160.00


Modified "T" Handle

Modified T handle

The ejection port side of the T, on the charging handle must

be trimmed to allow clearance for the cheekpiece mechanism.

(An extended latch is recommended but not required)

AR-TBSF 55.00


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